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OUR VISION - An Economic Renaissance in Africa

OUR MISSION - To realize Africa´s Vast Agricultural Potential and feed the World

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While governments and political groups attempt to find political solutions to the crises in Africa, it is clear that without true and large-scale economic development, no political agreement or peace treaties can last long.

According to the the UN, by 2050, the bulk of the worlds population growth will take place in Africa. Of the additional 2,4 billion people projected to be borne between 2015 and 2050, 1,3 billion will be added in Africa, with a median age of only 23 years.

This is not a problem it is a great opportunity and can be reached by;

- A financing Infrastructure

- Science and Technology transfer

- Transportation network; roads, waterways, railways and ports (infrastructure)

- Electrical Power Generation, Africa´s power needs are immense, less than half of the population have access to electricity

- Water, Millions of African´s lack regular access to adequate amount of fresh water, not because the water resources are not available, but because they simply have not been developed.

- Agriculture, food storage, food processing, food safety, food standards, mechanised farming, irrigation systems.

The vast agricultural potential can’t only feed Africa´s population. it can be developet to feed the World.

AFRICA - our future

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